Post date: Thursday, 10 Dec 2015

On the move to the world class university, Yogyakarta State University (YSU) through its Graduate School tries to widen its cooperation network with foreign institutions. In the attempt to meet the goal of the international cooperation, Art Education Master’s Program (AEMP) of Graduate School YSU has recently been through the initial stage to cooperate with Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia (15/10/2015). UiTM delegates visited Graduate School of YSU and were warmly greeted by Director of Graduate School, Prof. Dr. Zuhdan K. Prasetyo, M.Ed. Attending the agenda were Prof. Dr. Trie...

Leadership Determines The Quality of Schools
Post date: Thursday, 04 Dec 2014
Dr. Nur Kholis and his dissertation

As educational quality is very crucial to human resources development, Dr. Nur Kholis, the Director of  Center for Studying and Milieu Development (CESMiD), believes that the quality relates to the stakeholders’ engagement. In his dissertation defense in Thursday (11/3/2014),  entitled, “Mutu Sekolah dan Budaya Partisipasi Stakeholders (Studi Fenomenologi di Sekolah Konvensional MIN Tegalsari, Wlingi, Blitar)”  or “The Quality of School and The Culture of Stakeholders’ Engagement (A Phenomenology Study in the Conventional school of MIN Tegalsari, Wlingi...

Dr. Jumintono Developed Principals’ Collegial Leadership Models
Post date: Thursday, 04 Dec 2014
Jumintono and his Research Product

The teaching and learning process at schools relies on the quality of the academic environment. As its role in preparing students to be skilled workers, vocational high schools should provide supporting academic environment for the students. To establish supporting academic environment needs headmasters who are able to empower all of the school stakeholders.

Based on those problems, Jumintono, M.Pd. and some teachers at SMK 2 Sragen conducted a study entitled, “Developing Principal’s Collegial Leadership to Improve the...

Authentic Assessment to Improve the Teaching and Learning Process at Schools
Post date: Thursday, 04 Dec 2014

To improve the quality of education in Indonesia, the government has launched the 2013 curriculum for primary and secondary education levels. The approach applied in this curriculum is different from the previous curriculum that is scientific approach.

Nowadays, teachers need to develop different teaching strategies from the ones they have used in the implementation of the previous curriculum. Beside, teachers are required to develop techniques for evaluating students’ achievements which are relevant to scientific approach....


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