“Education is not just about how a person gets the highest marks, but also how one could get the values implied in every learning process undertaken…” – Anna Kalinovska

Anna Kalinovska, Ph.D. and Adam Jagiello, Ph.D. senior lecturers from Gdansk University Poland visited Yogyakarta State University and had opportunity to give a guest lecture at Graduate School YSU on Thursday, March 8 2018. More than one hundred graduate students enthusiastically attended the lecture on the title of Feedback in Education. The lecture has been started by watching a video about butterfly thinking where from that the participants can understand the importance of the way to train the creative thinking ability. The participants were then divided into five groups where each group was asked to create insect model; and highest score will be obtained by the group which creates the longest model. During the practice of modelling, it appears that some of groups are more focused on finding ways to make long insect model to achieve highest score. The important point of the game is not how long the insect but the moral values that arise during the modeling process such as cooperation, creativity, and aesthetics.

Sairil, one of participants, was quite impressed with the lecture delivered by Anna and Adam and revealed that feedback in education will depend on the content and learning objectives to be achieved. Therefore a communicative learning method, for example with the game done in this lecture, could be reversed to stimulate a positive response from participants. “The game was quite interesting, I feel not only play it but also learn about how to work together and trust each other in the group” said Sairil. One of the other participants added,” In the classroom, teachers play an important role in stimulating students to respond to task, to make continuous improvement processes, to develop creative thinking skills, and absorb the values implicit in the process of completing tasks”. Thus the response given by the learners in the learning process is important point in the main learning in facilitating learners to build knowledge. So, the teacher should ‘notice to the specific things’ and be able to appreciate various forms of student responses”, said Adam.

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