Dr. Jumintono Developed Principals’ Collegial Leadership Models

Jumintono and his Research Product

The teaching and learning process at schools relies on the quality of the academic environment. As its role in preparing students to be skilled workers, vocational high schools should provide supporting academic environment for the students. To establish supporting academic environment needs headmasters who are able to empower all of the school stakeholders.

Based on those problems, Jumintono, M.Pd. and some teachers at SMK 2 Sragen conducted a study entitled, “Developing Principal’s Collegial Leadership to Improve the Quality of the Academic Environment in Vocational High Schools”.

The study was based on the fact that in spite of the larger number of Vocational High Schools than that of Senior High Schools, the quality of the school management was not improving.

Vocational High Schools are managed by principals who rely on their own ideas without  involving other teachers in managing the school. At these schools, teachers’ contribution is not regarded to be eminent. The leadership quality of the principals is still below standards, including leadership values such as shared vision, shared values, high trust, participation, and teamwork. Therefore, his research aimed at developing collegial leadership model for principals to lead and manage schools, develop strategies to implement to improve the quality of the school academic environment.

Based on the perceptions of leadership experts and education practitioners, the principals’ collegial leadership is shown by collaborative and participatory actions in developing the devaluation of power, human resources, dan shared leadership.

The research findings showed thatshared decision making and implementing managerial aspects to develop visions and missions of collegial leadership, transparent and accountable budget management, human resources management, supervision, and strategies to improve the quality of the educational environment were practical, effective, and effective as shown by 56,82% of the respondents stated verily agree and very complete, 39.22% said agree and complete, 3.95% said less agree and less complete, and 0.02% said disagree and not complete.

Dr. Jumintono defended his dissertation in front of the examiners consisting of Prof. Dr. Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo, M.Ed. (chief), Prof. Soenarto, Ph.D. (secretary), Prof. Dr. Sugiyono (promotor), Herman Dwi Surjono, Ph.D. (co-promotor), Prof. Sukardi, Ph.D. (examiner), dan Prof. Adhi Susanto, Ph.D. (examiner).

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